Video with installation instructions for tiled sheets such as iCoppo, laRomana and Lastracoppo

Installing a RENOLIT Tecno Imac cover on your house is a simple operation that requires only a little attention and the following equipment:

  • A staircase
  • A meter
  • Glasses
  • Gloves
  • A screwdriver drill
  • An angle grinder
  • A marker
  • Polimcoll type adhesive
  • Ecolfix fixings with screws
  • RENOLIT Tecno Imac sheets
  • Multipurpose ridge
  • Terminal for multi-purpose ridge
  1. Roof averhang sheet:
    The sheet overhang at the eaves with respect to the first joist must not exceed 100 mm.
  2. Longitudinal overlap:
    Starting from left to right, overlap the following sheet on the middle of the roof tile.

The sheets must be fixed on a minimum of three supports. The spacing between supports must be proportional to loads and the roof slope, as per table on page 9 of the Technical catalogue.

Place the first sheet with the stampedmarking side facing towards the sky. After it has been properly aligned, fix the first tile to the support structure.

Warning: in order to allow normal thermal expansion of the sheets, a 10 mm pre-drilling must be done for a 6.5mm diameter screw.

Then proceed with longitudinal overlap. Fix the sheet on the first lowest tile which corresponds to the overlap. To keep the correct alignment of the fixing we recommend the use of a line of reference fixed to both ends of the rafter. Use the same method up to the last sheet.

Warning: the transversal overlap must always be on a support.

If necessary, the last sheet’s width can be modified by cutting it with an abrasive disc. At this point, complete the fixings according to the scheme (at least three fixings on each sheet for each joist, on all tiles on the lower edge).

For more information about the assembly please download the Technical catalogue.